The year is 3245. Humanity has finally left it's cradle and reached far into the stars. After nearly centuries of strife between it's nations, the magics of Earth have finally been tamed and put to work to achieve a blend of magic and technological might that no one could have imagined. In the far future magic, less wild than it's early days but still potent, and Technology, now having overcome the obstacles of pre-thaumaturgial science have intertwined to allow travel beyond the Stars. Her colonies grew rapidly as the wonders of the cosmos drew an overcrowded populace looking for a new future out onto the stars in search of a new life.

Many worlds were settled in decades of continued prosperity and the petty squabbles of home began to fade into the background as the effort to become masters of not only earth but other worlds as well became the zeitgest of generations of explorers and settlers.

The old ways of a single world government, and single planet origins began to give way to a star empire, however, the heavy-handed rule of the newly formed Earth government began to make many resent their overlords. Splinters began to show among them have led to rifts that couldn't be repaired and now the former colonies that called Earth home have formed their own nations.

Now, the newly colonized worlds, the core planets of the first colonies, and Earth itself have met other new star travelers and species that challenge human hegemony and a tenuous cold-war peace has settled on the known universe. Corporate states, military juntas, and pirate factions now call the stars their home and a once mighty Earth still remains a slumbering giant.

The galaxy is in dire needs of the right people and it's ripe for picking for the unscrupulous and slightly-mad. A new, "Age of heroes" has begun and with it the opportunity for fame or infamy.

Distant threats of the unknown lurk in the void, new threats from the ether have been found in deep space, and violence, ever present in society still rears its ugly head even on the most civilized worlds.

Shadows of the Future

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